Monday, March 21, 2011

Yellow Car

GM is giving a pretty cool benefit to their employees--they can 'borrow' a car for either a work week or a weekend. Mike showed up in this tonight! The girls are pretty excited for the yellow car; Jane got a ride in the front seat, and Penny a quick one, too. Silly giggles...and that's just from Mike.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess Economics

Trying to throw some economics into a birthday cash discussion tonight.

Jane, you've got some money, you can buy 2 games for your leapster, or you could buy one and save the rest.

She wasn't that interested in saving it. So, Mike said, "Don't you want a car someday?".

She responded, "Princesses do NOT drive cars."

I said, "How do they get places, then?"

Jane says, "In a CARRIAGE."

I say, "Well, you have to have money to buy a carriage, and a horse, and hay for the horse...and someone to drive the carriage."

She says, "No, Daddy can drive it, you guys will be my servants."

Oh. Wonderful.


She's such a little cheese sometimes! I love that her sense of humor is really developing...