Sunday, May 31, 2009


Loving the moby wrap...she's so comfy in it. Went to meijers and she just slept away. Tried to do some kitchen pick-up tonight with her in it...little harder to get messy stuff. She's crazy with the neck control--soo strong.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Wedding Day

Went to Georgi's wedding today. Made it there early, even though at 10 am we realized that the ceremony we thought started at 2:30 was really starting at 1! Penelope is seriously so good--she just chilled as we were running around like crazy to get out the door, then she slept on the way down there. She ate before the ceremony and then went back to sleep. Up to eat again afterwards, then slept again for most of the reception. Got passed around to friends for awhile...just really good girl!

Wedding was great, super fun to catch up with college archery people, and nice to have an evening out with adults. Jane spent the afternoon and night with Gram D.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Went solo with the girls for the first time today. It went pretty well. Little shopping/errands this morning. Jane threw a mini fit when I had to feed Penelope in the car-no surprise there. Spent a little while at the library after that. Both girls took naps-Jane with a bit of protesting as usual. She then slept for a good two hours. I'm sure it's going to be both up and down from here, but so far, so good.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great day today. We've had such beautiful weather this week, and today was no exception. Just perfect for a parade. Jane has been sooo excited waiting to go to the parade-compounded by the fact that she gets to wear a pretty dress AND gets to wave a flag. Not much more that a three-year-old girl can ask for apparently. We found a decent spot in the shade under a tree, although Mike and Jane ended up out on the edge of the road for a better view. I hung out with Penelope and 'tried' to feed her. Gotta work on the public feeding stuff, just don't have quite enough hands yet, and she's still not always ready to get down to business. Parade was nice this year-even more monster trucks at the end than last year, not sure what's up with that! Nate and Kara showed up just in time to see the trucks. We parked partway down from our house; I'm doing so much better than after having Jane, but just really didn't want to try to do the walk back up that hill to our house. The moby wrap is working well, I carried Penelope the whole time in it, no problems. I asked Jane what her favorite part of the parade was--oh yeah--the CANDY. (She got probably all of 6 pieces-kept running each one back to put in the drink holder of her chair.) Nice lunch out with Nate and Kara after wards. Got some cute pics of Jane and Penelope this afternoon-before too many mosquitos started attacking. Gotta love the family photo--all three of them have Jane with this cranky look sticking out her tongue. She's three, that's for sure!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whew. What a day. Got up early to get Penelope tested...they had a fire alarm go off just as she was about to get her blood drawn. That added extra time to the whole procedure. Mike dropped Penny and I off at Meijers and took Jane to the playground; he got back in time to do the checking out for me. We were all tired when we got back--well, three of us were...the 3 year old insisted that she was not tired and never ended up sleeping today.

Nice and warm day-80 something, so let Jane play with the hose this afternoon. Ummm, I guess she's ready to go camping, both Mike and I had run inside for a minute...we come out and she's created a potty!!! What can we do but laugh and get the camera??

Finally got Penelope's results tonight--her levels are down, we can send the light back! Yah. Glad to be done with all that stress, glad to be done getting her poked. Just will check in to get her weighed next week, which will ease my mind that everything is going the way it should be. She's so much different than Jane was...we thought Jane was a good baby, but Penny has been really really low key. She settles herself and really hasn't been much of a crier. At least so far. She kind of is amazing me with how strong she is...two weeks old tomorrow and she's trying to lift her head--actually this afternoon she was trying to push up off my chest. This is one of her favorite positions right now-to rest her head on my chest--sooo sweet, I love it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glow worm!

Well, Penelope's been our little glow worm for the past few days. Tested yesterday morning, and her levels are going down, finally! We're going to go off the lights tomorrow and then test again on thursday morning. Can't wait to be done getting her poor little foot poked. Baird, Amy, and Gram Nomi came to visit this morning, and Ron brought Jenny & the girls down for dinner, too. Full house, and nice steak dinner. I'm so glad that spring is here-nice weather, grilling, being able to be outside; it's just nice after a long winter.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bring on the lights!

Another poke for Penelope this morning. Then Mom & I took Jane to the playground in Brighton. Cutest ever-running around with another little girl her age, who came up and asked if she wanted to be 'friends'. Makes me wish we had more little ones around our house so she could have some 'real' friends. I carried Penelope in my moby wrap--pretty comfortable. Little warm, but doesn't cut into my shoulders and stuff like the other carriers do.

Got the results back tonight, and Penelope's levels are still high, so we're getting a light delivered to the house. Hopefully that will bring stuff down and get this over with.

Mom headed back home, so we're on our own for the weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Gave our little yellow baby a bath. Spent a bunch of hours in the ER last night-complete with a hep lock in her little hand--just to find out her high levels aren't high enough to be admitted. Ugh. Want this to be done with already. Can see it in her little yellow nose...just want her to be through it and healthy.

Monday, May 11, 2009


We've got girls everywhere!

Jenny & Brian came to visit, so we had all 4 girl cousins. Great to finally get to see each other's babies--we haven't been able to get together with all the pregnancy and labor and delivery stuff going on, once again wish we all lived closer together. The girls are pretty cute stuff. We're going to have fun with them all growing up together. Dancing and screaming and running around together. Here is a pic of Penelope and's fun holding two little ones, but I'm glad I didn't have twins, though!

Averie and Jane are full of craziness in the other photo.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We have two girls!

Penelope Laine came into the world at 6:03 pm on friday the 8th. She was 9 pounds and 10 ounces and 22 inches long. She's got long fingers and toes and a good amount of dark hair on her head. It was in a little mohawk before her bath!

I was induced in the morning around 9 a.m. It took a lot longer than it did for Jane, and I was pretty tired after being sick this last week. She was being a little stinker for the nurse helping us; constantly moving around when she would try to put the heart rate monitor on me. She's been this way through the whole pregnancy! When we finally got to the pushing stage, it went really quick, though. She came out a bit funny--had her hand up by her face.

We are both doing good today. I am a ton better than I was after having Jane. Penelope has passed all of her health checks and is making good attempts at nursing.

We've had grandparents and Jane visiting us in the hospital. Jane is going to be an awesome big sister. She is sooo excited that she is 'out' and wants to hold her. We're heading home in the morning; it will be nice to be in our own space, but will be a bit of an adjustment, I'm sure.

Looking forward to having 2 little girls to raise!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having a baby this week!

Well...this kiddo's got 4 days to get out on it's own. Otherwise we're signed up for an induction friday morning. I'm totally cool with it coming before then, otherwise would just like to be 'ready' for it on friday. Jenny had her little girl last thursday--super adorable Arlyn Rose. Super sucks to not have been able to go visit.

Jane and I both have a cold or something. She started coughing and then since she's always 'on' me to touch the baby and since I'm home with her...and she remembers about 60% of the time to cover her mouth...I now have it. Pretty much just a cough, but it's a horrible horrible racking kind of cough. She's rather cranky about it, and I'm super excited to be dealing with this a week before labor. Hoping it passes in the next day or so, it's getting REALLY old already.

At least the weather has been nice, beautiful springy weekend. Working our way through the mess of a house and outside. It's at least okay to bring the baby home into it at this point, and if it's not til Friday, hope it will be even more put back together by the end of the week.