Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having a baby this week!

Well...this kiddo's got 4 days to get out on it's own. Otherwise we're signed up for an induction friday morning. I'm totally cool with it coming before then, otherwise would just like to be 'ready' for it on friday. Jenny had her little girl last thursday--super adorable Arlyn Rose. Super sucks to not have been able to go visit.

Jane and I both have a cold or something. She started coughing and then since she's always 'on' me to touch the baby and since I'm home with her...and she remembers about 60% of the time to cover her mouth...I now have it. Pretty much just a cough, but it's a horrible horrible racking kind of cough. She's rather cranky about it, and I'm super excited to be dealing with this a week before labor. Hoping it passes in the next day or so, it's getting REALLY old already.

At least the weather has been nice, beautiful springy weekend. Working our way through the mess of a house and outside. It's at least okay to bring the baby home into it at this point, and if it's not til Friday, hope it will be even more put back together by the end of the week.

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