Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, got a little dusting of snow, which is kind of nice. It was getting a little brown and murky out. Perfect temp for a little snow play; I don't like taking Penny out if it's really really cold. She tolerated it today, hanging out in her little sled, but I don't think she really gets the point of why we're outside. Jane really enjoyed herself today; she was shoveling, pulling Penny around, and trying to throw snowballs at me. Luckily for me, she's not too good at that yet!

Back from workout #2, I think the leg stuff we did is going to hit a little harder than the arms from Monday. I was really sore this morning; I remembered that it often hits on the second day, not the day after. But I am feeling much better with the whole eating thing, which is a relief. I think even not quite as hungry, which might be that I'm just not interested in eating salad! Forcing down plain yogurt for breakfast seems to be a bit easier on me then eggs right off the bat.

Tomorrow is a busy day, dr appt for Penny, ballet, pre-school, then another work out-whew, I'm going to be ready for bed when I get home!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Worked out and didn't die!

Back from my first work-out. I didn't die. Wasn't even as bad as I thought it was going to be, probably partly due to me walking slowly on the treadmill (yet faster than was recommended). All upper body today. I am sure I will be feeling it all tomorrow, though. They do tell us to eat some protein right afterward to alleviate muscle soreness the next day, so we'll see how my almonds and hard boiled egg worked out.

Feeling much better tonight. Very very tired yesterday evening (first day on the cleanse), and kind of nauseated this morning...maybe due to the eggs for breakfast. Or due to the fact that the house is still swimming in germs.

Poor Penny is such a mess. She's still coughing a bit and still has a little bit of a runny nose. She's on amoxicilyn for an ear infection, but that doesn't seem to be having any residual effects on the rest of her cold symptoms. Unfortunately. It is super duper fun trying to get her to take the medicine. She knows it's coming now and starts thrashing around before I even start. Ugh. Sucks. She did have fun at Babygarden today at the library. (I'm assuming that since we're 1/2 way through the anti-biotics she's not that contagious. Hopefully.) Did both cringe and kind of do a really grown-up 'might just serve you right' when the little boy who was closer to 2, who had been wrenching toys out of other kids hands and throwing balls, some at/near Penny, decided to grab the shaker bottle toy that Penny had been chewing on...and put it right in his mouth. (His parents were not stepping in besides saying his name or sighing loudly-his Dad actually just said, he's only 2). I get that at 2 he might not 'get' the sharing concept, but it doesn't mean you just let him rip things away from babies and do nothing. Ahh, 'playground' politics, this is the drama in my life!