Monday, September 29, 2008

New pics

Okay, more spotting today. Called midwife's office, and they got us in for an appt down in Yipsi. Pretty much spent the day with Jane parked in front of PBS. Once we got down there, she did another ultrasound right off the bat--and got a nice clear pic and got to really sit and watch the heart flutter. Nice strong heart beat. Whew. Just haven't even known what to think up til now. Very cool to see the heart beating like crazy. Very cool to have Mike along this time. Baby is between the two little '+' marks on the glarey photo. Otherwise, everything else checked out good at the appt as well. So, good to go until the end of October at this point.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Wake up to a lovely Sunday morning. Oh. Except there's more spotting. Ugh. Super ugh. I thought I was through this.

Went to the Parshallville Grist mill for some donuts. Here's Jane stuffing her face. Guess fall is officially here!

Low key day for me. Mike's been super busy on the mudroom. Check out our super cool new coat rack and shoe area. He's going to re-do the lower shelves, they need a bit more support. But turned out very cool. Nice to have a place to hang our coats as it gets cooler out. Jane can 'almost' reach her lower pegs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midwife Appt.

First appt this afternoon. Didn't realize I would get to see my midwife, but I did. So, got all the info, and she did an ultrasound since I've had spotting. So nice to get a little reassurance. I'm such a stressball about this stuff, hard to relax and not worry constantly. She figured May 6th as a due date based on dates, but thought the baby might look more like 6 weeks right now instead of 8 weeks. Will do another ultrasound at the appt next week to see if we can see more. But--she saw a heartbeat and I think I saw the flutter too. Good stuff. Oh--the two little + marks are wher the baby is...I know, not the best pic and not the best photo of it in the first place!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Went out to breakfast with Grandma Jo, Grandpa Don, and Dad in Brighton. Nice to catch up with them. Jane had fun with all of them. Did some errands afterwards, trying to figure out a Halloween costume for Jane. Tiger? Dr? Not sure...she's kind of enamored of the tiger idea, but the patterns weren't super cute at JoAnns. Jane fell asleep as I pulled in the drive way at 11:30. Wee. Then she was up at 12:20. So, thought I'd try to get some of the painting started in the kitchen-lots of energy, she's in a good mood, will be a good afternoon. But I don't like the paint, so called Mike and made big plans -make some pumpkin bread, start dinner, will go to the paint stores, Home Depot. I barely got dinner made. Just hit a wall at 2:30. Kind of frustrating, but guess that's how it goes. Afternoons are turning out to be my low times of the day, that's for sure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Pretty tired lately, not sleepy tired persay, just kind of not full of energy. Weee. Called Dad to see when they are coming tomorrow, turns out they were in Toledo, so are going to spend the night. Rushing around cleaning. :) Nice visit. Jane has done great--big girl underpants all day today except nap! Weee. Little accident late tonight--we weren't on her, and lots of excitement with Grandparents here. She's playing with Grandpa Don and all of a sudden-pee everywhere, I thought he was going to put his foot into it. Of course--after we've been bragging about how good she's doing! But, not, great steps towards no diapers!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Went shopping (shopaday as Jane calls it) with Mindy today. Good catch up. Both kiddos did pretty good for the whole outlet mall run. Had some sandwiches at a park afterwards. Figure Jane is going to be okay as a sibling--we were done eating and the kids were running around. Jane is like, that boy eating. I'm like what? Turns out he had a wood chip in his mouth, so think she's going to be a good helper! Pretty tired when we got back. Beautiful day, but warm by the afternoon.

Oh--And Baird is getting married!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sun Sun Sun!!!

To quote one of Jane's favorite books--sun sun sun! It's finally cleared up. Pretty icky yesterday. It's also feeling more like fall...I'm not sure I'm ready to be cold yet. Spotting seems to be gone, so that's good. Meijers trip yesterday, pretty nauseated. Kind of re-thinking the nausea--maybe it's a good thing--makes me feel a little more like things are going okay. Midwife's office said to just keep an eye on it. They don't like to see it, but... and I'm not having cramping, I don't think, so hopefully that was the last of it. Appt next week, so will be glad to get in and chat with a nurse. First ultrasound the week after that, can't wait for that either.

Thought I'd try the potty training thing again, read that a good way is to try to put them on the potty every 20/30 minutes. Put on underroos when we got up. She went pee before breakfast, set the timer. We tried after breakfast, nothing. Went to the basement, she wanted to go up after 5 minutes and go potty, nothing. Went back down again, she's playing, then 10 minutes later I see her butt. It's brown. Oh goodie, poop in the cute underpants and through her pjs. I think we'll do a diaper for the rest of the morning. Oh yeah, there's some on the carpet too. Wee.

Favorite Jane quote: 'It's my JOB'. (Obviously not currently referring to going potty).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where's my Ark?

It's been raining all weekend. Really hard. It's making our house leak. Not cool. At first...I'm like awww, a rainy day, haven't had one of those in awhile. Now I'm wondering if will will ever stop! Thank you hurricane.

Spotting again all day. ugh. Getting really tired of this, it's kind of scary, and I wish it would stop.

Jenny came down to Debbie's house yesterday, and we took the girls to an indoor play area in Howell. Fun but crazy. Not sure I can keep track of four kids if we come back in a few years. It was hard enough with 3 adults and two toddlers!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the road again...

Okay...did another test friday morning. Good to go. Went to Liz's wedding and had a nice evening. Beautiful church and ceremony. Saturday was the start of a long weekend...drove up to Onekama to surprise Grandma Underwood at a Reynolds reunion. Great time, beautiful location and weather. Drive on Saturday went well. Nice dinner out with the whole family. Jane was really good. Pretty tired and a little nauseated Sunday morning. Kind of took it easy. Went to lunch with Mom, Jane was not happy. But she wouldn't nap back at the hotel, so ended up skipping that, played on the beach and went for a speed boat ride with cousins John & Debbie. Jane almost slept once we went fast. Monday Mom & I went down to Manistee and we walked the board walk. Put in almost 3 miles! Wee. Felt a little achy Tuesday morning, but that is probably as much due to the hard bed as the walking. Really tired and pretty nauseated on Tuesday night. Big lunch might not have helped, we stopped for pasties. Scheduled appts, which is good, because even though it's settled that I'm pregnant, now it's kind of that weird period where it doesn't seem too real. Mike mentioned I wasn't supposed to have blue cheese after I was telling him about this awesome salad I had (brought home some of the dressing). Whoops, forgot about that. Pretty much cleared out caffine, and have one 12 pack of dt. rootbeer that I figure I won't buy anymore after that. Interested to see what the midwife's office has on their 'to avoid' list.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Normal is good?

So...ended up having more spotting late yesterday afternoon. Better today. Nothing weird going on. Actually feel pretty normal. Is that good or bad? I don't know! Trying to take it a day at a time right now, going to re-test. Busy weekend, Liz's wedding tomorrow afternoon, and off to the U.P. on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's this??

Yeah. Woke up and had spotting. Or whatever you call it, but I don't want to see anything on the t.p. if I'm pregnant, that's for sure. Throwupy feeling and kind of hot flashy and rather impatient. Peeing constantly (not just so I can check the t.p.). Called the midwife's office and talked with a nurse. She said wait a week (!!!!!) and re-test, that sometimes we test too early--that we have no idea how many women get 'pregnant' and then end up having a period (miscarriage) around their normal time. Great. Awesome.

Seem to be through this by the end of the morning, so maybe it's just a fluke. I hate waiting.

Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting? It's pretty hard to focus on doing much of anything...well, besides waiting. But, since I have a week to wait, guess I'm going to have to do something else between now and then.

I did get another test...I'm thinking Saturday is a long wait (but not as long as next Tuesday), so maybe I'll try again then if nothing goes on before then.

Just waiting...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A line changes everything

September 2nd--a few days ago I was convinced there was no way I was pregnant. Yet a few days later...we've got a positive. A very faint positive, but it's kind of an either or question...not possible to be 'kind of' pregnant! Pretty much felt like throwing up all day...and this explains last Friday where I was super dizzy and had room spins that sent me back to hard nights of drinking in college.

I got the cheap Target brand test, which is back to the 2 lines and lots of interpretation like we had with the test for Jane. So we went out and got one of the digital ones...which was an utter disappointment. I stuck it in wrong the first time and it errored out and the second time it was all put together right, but still errored out. I was REALLY looking forward to that pregnant display.

Called immediate family. Dad was at archery, so had to call them later. Jenny was putting Averie to sleep so had to call back. Ron was excited and wanted to know if we'd told Jenny yet. Woke Baird up, not sure if he got it or will think he was dreaming tomorrow. Finally got Mom and Dad. Waited too long and will have to catch Debbie tomorrow.

Oh--did I mention? Jenny is pregnant too--we're due not even a week apart! How crazy fun is that??

The internets calls out my due date as May 6th. So going with that until I get a call into the midwife tomorrow. See what that bring. Had a spot so kind of freaking out that we jumped the gun, but this is amidst more of the throw-up feelings.

Jane was with me when I bought the test; she wanted to hold it which just seemed a little wrong to me for some reason. 'What's that?' How do I say--that represents your tiny little world ending soon... :)