Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sun Sun Sun!!!

To quote one of Jane's favorite books--sun sun sun! It's finally cleared up. Pretty icky yesterday. It's also feeling more like fall...I'm not sure I'm ready to be cold yet. Spotting seems to be gone, so that's good. Meijers trip yesterday, pretty nauseated. Kind of re-thinking the nausea--maybe it's a good thing--makes me feel a little more like things are going okay. Midwife's office said to just keep an eye on it. They don't like to see it, but... and I'm not having cramping, I don't think, so hopefully that was the last of it. Appt next week, so will be glad to get in and chat with a nurse. First ultrasound the week after that, can't wait for that either.

Thought I'd try the potty training thing again, read that a good way is to try to put them on the potty every 20/30 minutes. Put on underroos when we got up. She went pee before breakfast, set the timer. We tried after breakfast, nothing. Went to the basement, she wanted to go up after 5 minutes and go potty, nothing. Went back down again, she's playing, then 10 minutes later I see her butt. It's brown. Oh goodie, poop in the cute underpants and through her pjs. I think we'll do a diaper for the rest of the morning. Oh yeah, there's some on the carpet too. Wee.

Favorite Jane quote: 'It's my JOB'. (Obviously not currently referring to going potty).

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