Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's this??

Yeah. Woke up and had spotting. Or whatever you call it, but I don't want to see anything on the t.p. if I'm pregnant, that's for sure. Throwupy feeling and kind of hot flashy and rather impatient. Peeing constantly (not just so I can check the t.p.). Called the midwife's office and talked with a nurse. She said wait a week (!!!!!) and re-test, that sometimes we test too early--that we have no idea how many women get 'pregnant' and then end up having a period (miscarriage) around their normal time. Great. Awesome.

Seem to be through this by the end of the morning, so maybe it's just a fluke. I hate waiting.

Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting? It's pretty hard to focus on doing much of anything...well, besides waiting. But, since I have a week to wait, guess I'm going to have to do something else between now and then.

I did get another test...I'm thinking Saturday is a long wait (but not as long as next Tuesday), so maybe I'll try again then if nothing goes on before then.

Just waiting...

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