Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Girls dragged me out this morning to get their toy for exchanging the rest of their Halloween candy.  We hit the jackpot at Marshall's with two awesome costumes.  I'd eyed the heart one for Penny earlier this month, and for $5--it came with a set of wings, a wand, and a headband, whoo hoo!  I'm thinking cute valentine outfit, or maybe even Halloween next year if it holds up-maybe a little bow and arrow and she can be cupid...  Jane tried on three fantabulous dresses and opted for the gold and red one.  It was $7.50, I can't even remotely touch fabric for that, much less all the trim.  It's got a hoop!  She was pretty much over the moon, most of our dress up stuff has gotten too small for her, and she LOVES long things.  We took a few pictures outside, since it was so nice out.  Had to come in before they started to roll in the leaves and poke each other with sticks, though.