Monday, April 27, 2009

Big baby...

Well, had an ultrasound last week--baby was approx. 9 pounds! They say there is an margin of error of a pound to a pound 1/2 either side of that. Wee hoo. My midwife's office will induce at 39 weeks, but not before. They are figuring that since Jane was basically born at 41 weeks...if this one is born around 39 weeks, it should be around the same weight as her. Next appt is weds, so really looking forward to seeing if I've made any progress since last week. I'm a little freaked out to have some 12 pound baby, but also kind of freaked out at the concept of being induced on pictocin, etc if I'm not 'ready' at all. I've been kind of feeling a few pains here and there, but it's still kind of hard to tell if it's just the big baby pushing on my stomach and stuff or if it's contractions or braxton hix or something. Was pretty uncomfortable for a good hour or so in the middle of the night last night, but it wasn't anything with a rhythm, and eventually it did go away. Lots of pressure at times... I know it was only 3 years ago, but it's kind of hard to remember exactly what it feels like. And since I checked in with Jane to be induced...didn't really have that going through labor at home thing. Apparently I had contractions and didn't really notice them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 weeks...

Down to less than a month to go. Starting to get kind of 'real'...since it could pretty much happen whenever at this point, and the baby is assumed to be fine after 37 weeks, too. Figure it's pretty big already as well, so... Dr. last week said around 7 weee, another big baby! Just don't want to go 5 days over like with Jane. I have a midwife appt this afternoon, so we'll see if I've made any progress or anything. Feel like I've had some random contractions here and there, one good series of them on Sunday night after dinner. Baby is crazy...moving all over pretty frequently. Does this think I call shark--where a foot or something kind of moves across my tummy--like a shark fin poking out of the water. Kind of creepy. And the body parts I can feel are much bigger. Been feeling a little better last few days, don't know if the sunny weather helps or what, but not 'quite' as tired. I'm sure that's going to keep coming and going. Feeling really 'hot' lately, I definitely think I would not be a good pregnant person in the middle of summer, glad it's coming out in the spring. Jane is obsessed with the baby and my tummy. Kissing, hugging, wanting to 'see' it, rub on me, talk to it. Very cute stuff...little over the top sometimes when I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable. Hope that she's this excited when it actually comes out!

Lots and lots to get done around here...trying to work through organzing and cleaning and finishing up the kitchen/mudroom mess. Hope to get through most of it soon so I can relax a bit. Looking forward to a really nice weekend-even though with 78 degrees I'll probably be too hot!!

Friday, April 10, 2009



Decorated some eggs when Mom, Dad, & Gram U came up this week. Turned out pretty good and was less messy than last year as she was using the egg holder instead of sticking her whole hand into the dye! Mike is working on the kitchen, hoping to have that all finished up in the next day or so, and then on to the mudroom. Then we can clean finally, so much drywall dust everywhere, etc.

Baby is moving like crazy, I think it did a somersault this morning, which is not necessary! Few more days and we'll be just one month out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No more maple syrup?

I made cinnamon french toast for breakfast, and we used some of the yummy maple syrup from Mom & Dad. Jane went crazy after breakfast-- she's really gotten into changing her clothes lately (like she'll put pjs on for naptime, etc). So she goes to her room and comes out in her dress-up outfit from Gram D (keep in mind that it hasn't warmed up much in our house yet). Then as the morning progresses and we insist that she's going to have to put clothes on, she runs around the kitchen yelling "no clothes" while wearing the dress. At some point, the dress comes off...and this is what we get. Why is she not affected by the cold? Where does this energy come from? Is it the maple syrup? Mike and I sure don't have this much energy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Warm up please!

One nice day this week, and I would like more! Looks like cold and rainy for another week. Crossing my fingers that it changes and clears out before next weekend. I'm hoping we can take Jane to an easter egg hunt, and it sure would be nice if it wasn't rainy and cold. I really wanted nice easter this year, and with it being so late...seems like we should have better weather by now.

Baby is crazy. I don't remember Jane moving around this much. Not a ton of kicking persay, but just lots and lots of rolling around and moving. I think I'm feeling a foot or hand move across my tummy--sticking out--kind of like a shark fin. Little creepy.

Midwife appt earlier this week. She doesn't seem to be very concerned about the baby being too big--or about my ability to birth another big baby. "Well, Jane was 9.13 and you didn't have that much problem, so I don't see why you'd have a big issue with another 9 pound baby." Great. Wonderful. And yeah--9 pounds. Fine. But can we keep it under 10 please??

Hoping to get the kitchen finished up this weekend. Mike's got a little drywall to touch up and then painting...