Friday, April 3, 2009

Warm up please!

One nice day this week, and I would like more! Looks like cold and rainy for another week. Crossing my fingers that it changes and clears out before next weekend. I'm hoping we can take Jane to an easter egg hunt, and it sure would be nice if it wasn't rainy and cold. I really wanted nice easter this year, and with it being so late...seems like we should have better weather by now.

Baby is crazy. I don't remember Jane moving around this much. Not a ton of kicking persay, but just lots and lots of rolling around and moving. I think I'm feeling a foot or hand move across my tummy--sticking out--kind of like a shark fin. Little creepy.

Midwife appt earlier this week. She doesn't seem to be very concerned about the baby being too big--or about my ability to birth another big baby. "Well, Jane was 9.13 and you didn't have that much problem, so I don't see why you'd have a big issue with another 9 pound baby." Great. Wonderful. And yeah--9 pounds. Fine. But can we keep it under 10 please??

Hoping to get the kitchen finished up this weekend. Mike's got a little drywall to touch up and then painting...

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