Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 weeks...

Down to less than a month to go. Starting to get kind of 'real'...since it could pretty much happen whenever at this point, and the baby is assumed to be fine after 37 weeks, too. Figure it's pretty big already as well, so... Dr. last week said around 7 pounds...so weee, another big baby! Just don't want to go 5 days over like with Jane. I have a midwife appt this afternoon, so we'll see if I've made any progress or anything. Feel like I've had some random contractions here and there, one good series of them on Sunday night after dinner. Baby is crazy...moving all over pretty frequently. Does this think I call shark--where a foot or something kind of moves across my tummy--like a shark fin poking out of the water. Kind of creepy. And the body parts I can feel are much bigger. Been feeling a little better last few days, don't know if the sunny weather helps or what, but not 'quite' as tired. I'm sure that's going to keep coming and going. Feeling really 'hot' lately, I definitely think I would not be a good pregnant person in the middle of summer, glad it's coming out in the spring. Jane is obsessed with the baby and my tummy. Kissing, hugging, wanting to 'see' it, rub on me, talk to it. Very cute stuff...little over the top sometimes when I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable. Hope that she's this excited when it actually comes out!

Lots and lots to get done around here...trying to work through organzing and cleaning and finishing up the kitchen/mudroom mess. Hope to get through most of it soon so I can relax a bit. Looking forward to a really nice weekend-even though with 78 degrees I'll probably be too hot!!

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