Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

We spent the night at mom's house and Mike got up at 2 a.m. to head to Best Buy to get in line for the laptop we wanted. But when he got there it was tent city! So he hung out til they passed out their 'tickets' and finally realized that they ran out of laptop ones, so he headed over to Office Depot. I got up at 4 a.m. and came into town with Dad. He ran into Sears and then we went over to Target....HUGE line, we thought once they opened at 6 we would just file in (not realizing that the line went past the entire stripmall and around the building! ) We finally got in line and were inside around 6:15 a.m. I was convinced that I had missed out on the t.v. we wanted, but they had a whole pallet full. Then I lucked out and got into the line at I was out of there probably at least an hour earlier than if i was in the line wrapping around the store. But...I forgot to charge my cell--so I ended up using a pay phone (yes, they still exist!) to call Mike (who was in line for the laptop). We ran to a few more stores and had breakfast--we were done by like 9:30 a.m. Good day of shopping.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give thanks...

Jane spent the week at Grandma & Grandpa's house and we met up with her in Allegan at G&G Carlson's house. Nice to see them before they head to florida. Got some great hugs from Jane when we got there. She had fun playing with the cousins, and loved Chloe's guitar. Check her out, way cute stuff!

Monday, November 24, 2008

No excuses!

Well, Mom & Dad came to visit over the weekend. Jane got to go with them to see The Cat and the Fiddlers-a local kids group that plays bluegrass, etc. It was at our little music hall in Hartland. She 'had' to wear her new dress from Grandma, and was just too adorable. They stayed at the concert for a good 2 hours, which is some amazing attention span for a not quite 3 year old. Sounds like they all had a blast. Mom also decided that she wanted to 'borrow' Jane for the week. We'll get her when we go to Allegan for Thanksgiving at Gram Jo & Gramp Don's. Wow, so now I have no excuses to not get things done. It's a little quiet around here, and it's almost so exciting to have a little time to myself that I'm not quite sure that I know what to do! Hoping that we can get the kitchen all painted and put pack together before we head out for Thanksgiving. Should be easier to be a little more efficient without our little 'helper.' I am getting some scrapbooking done, working on some calendar pages from a swap. Too much fun. Well, back to laundry, I will get caught up, I will get caught up, I will get caught up!

Oh--and holy snow batman. I thought we were supposed to maybe get an inch today, but I think we've already got that in the last hour or so.

Friday, November 21, 2008


We went to the library to make a gingerbread house today. Mike had the day off, so nice to do something with all three of us. Jane had fun, and I think we managed to keep her from eating too many of the decorations.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flu Shots, wee.

Well, Jane and I went in for our flu shots today. It's kind of cute watching her act shy...we've known the receptionist since she was a baby, but she was actually hiding behind me today. Just so out of her normal behavior at home. Anyway, I got my shot while she watched intently and then she had to lay down to get hers in her leg. I kind of held her arms and the nurse gave her the shot. She says "OUCH" and gives a tiny whine and then is fine. What a big girl. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, she hasn't had a shot in a really long time. Then, when we were at the grocery store later, she's complaining that she didn't get one in her arm. (I had originally told her that it would probably be in my arm, forgetting that they tend to do shots in the thigh for little ones.) I asked her if she wanted to go back for another one in her arm. Yes. What a weirdo! :)

Busy weekend planned, gingerbread house building tomorrow at the library and then Jane is spending the night at Gram D's. Then Gram Sandee and Gramp Mike are coming up on Saturday to take her to a little concert here in the village. Should be interesting to see how that goes. We're staying home and hopefully finishing up painting in the kitchen.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Haven't decided yet if I'm really feeling some little thumps or not. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just getting antsy since I hear you feel movement sooner with the second one since you know what it feels like. If so, it's definitely not like big kicks yet or anything, maybe the butterflies. Maybe.

Did I mention that the downs test came back negative? I keep forgetting to take some pics of the ultrasound pics from the ultrascreen test (that's the early test they can do now for downs and other chromosome disorders.) Little stressful, but so busy this year that I didn't even worry about stuff like I did when I was pregnant with Jane. And I was sick most of that week, barely registered that we never got a phone call (they call if it's in a positive range), and got the postcard with the all is good message. Nice sigh of relief, not that I was expecting anything bad, but it's nice to know.

Feeling slightly better, I think through this cold finally. Maybe have a little bit of allergies or something, but tolerable. Had an awesome migraine on Thursday with the blurry vision spots and everything--oh and I threw-up that morning for the first time! I think it was all mostly to do with not sleeping real well the night before. I made eggs for us at like 6:30 a.m. (little early for us). 8:30am. Uhoh. We went down to Novi anyway so I could look for a christmas outfit for Jane, and she played for a long time at the play area. But then the headache started. I'm hoping that is the first and last one of those for this pregnancy. Not fun.

We've been trying to get Jane to at least try to go to sleep by herself this week. In her bed. Tried saying we'll be back to check on you. That equated to a hour 1/2 or so of screaming for two nights. So now we're trying to just lay on the floor in her room. Little more gradual. Semi-successful. It's a process, I'm sure we'll look back at it in a few years when she's in elementary school with girlfriends over for a sleep over and smile. At the's a little touch and go. She's in a big emotional up and down period right now. Gets herself stressed out and worked up and pretty hard to get out of it. I do think we are back to being over 95% potty trained, though. Big girl undies all last week. And I'm trusting her a bit more to tell me when she needs to go. Less screaming by the end of the week, getting more into a routine, I guess. (We try to get her to 'try' frequently hoping that reduces accidents, but sometimes she flips out about not wanting to go.) But no accidents, and we went to a number of public places sans pull-ups. Crossing my fingers all the time!

Looks like winter is here...snowy and cold week ahead.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Snow!

Woke up to a dusting of snow, so we bundled up and went out to play a little. Jane got cold quick, need some real gloves for her. She really wanted to make a snowman, but not quite enough yet. Guess winter is here, though!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

3+ Months

Going to try and take photos of Jenny and I every 3 months or so... This is us at 3+ months... 14 & 15 weeks, I think? She's a week further along than I am. She came down with Averie for a little visit, and we just let the girls 'play' together. Averie was hardcore into Mommy separation anxiety if Jenny tried to let go of her...until we went to the basement. Then she was a whole different child. Check out the video crazyness!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Favorite Layouts

I've been meaning to get some layout photos up, and I finally figured out how to add the slide show on the left. Will try to keep adding new ones as I get them done. This layout is for DIY-single page sketch-my very late example! And I used materials from ScrapTales-I'm on the design team there this fall, so will be taking this into the store tomorrow.

Oh--my excitement--I get to work on one of Becky Fleck's PageMaps--for the December newsletter. So keep your eye out for that! I will post a link once it's all up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, Jane officially has a cold today. Runny nose and some spit-up/throw-up this afternoon during her nap. Wee. Maybe since we've both got them in the fall we'll miss the late winter/early spring ones we seem to get usually. Did everyone go vote today?? We did, Jane wore her Future President shirt, and she was cuddling with donkey this afternoon. He came along for the voting--our tiny little slam against ultra-conservative Livingston county--which I'm sure very few people even noticed! (You know--donkey=democrat...) Well, we'll sit tonight and hopefully watch Obama become our new President. Should be interesting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Crazy day. Ultrasound appt down in yipsi--wee, big enough this time! Then home to finish packing, Fenton for some b-day lunch for Mike, and off to P.H. Nice but quick dinner, then a trick-o-treating we will go. Averie was a little sicky, so maybe not quite as into it as if she was feeling better, but she got some candy and was a super cute ducky! Jane was the world's cutest doctor. I was afraid she might get stage fright, but she was running up to doors saying trick-o-treat, trying to grab extra candy for Averie, and being pretty good about saying occasional thank-yous, or more often-happy halloween! We only went down one street and back, but by the time we were heading back, Jane was having trouble carrying her pumpkin, so figure that's a pretty good haul for a 2 year old! Mike and I both felt bad--after analyzing her stash--the one candy she picked to eat that night--a bag of candy corn. What?? Candy corn? Really? Not chocolate? Really? That's the one you want? Yup. And she was pretty happy with it... By the end of the night I felt like a bus ran me over...and then backed up a dozen times to make sure the job was done--yes, I've got a cold. Weee.