Sunday, November 16, 2008


Haven't decided yet if I'm really feeling some little thumps or not. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just getting antsy since I hear you feel movement sooner with the second one since you know what it feels like. If so, it's definitely not like big kicks yet or anything, maybe the butterflies. Maybe.

Did I mention that the downs test came back negative? I keep forgetting to take some pics of the ultrasound pics from the ultrascreen test (that's the early test they can do now for downs and other chromosome disorders.) Little stressful, but so busy this year that I didn't even worry about stuff like I did when I was pregnant with Jane. And I was sick most of that week, barely registered that we never got a phone call (they call if it's in a positive range), and got the postcard with the all is good message. Nice sigh of relief, not that I was expecting anything bad, but it's nice to know.

Feeling slightly better, I think through this cold finally. Maybe have a little bit of allergies or something, but tolerable. Had an awesome migraine on Thursday with the blurry vision spots and everything--oh and I threw-up that morning for the first time! I think it was all mostly to do with not sleeping real well the night before. I made eggs for us at like 6:30 a.m. (little early for us). 8:30am. Uhoh. We went down to Novi anyway so I could look for a christmas outfit for Jane, and she played for a long time at the play area. But then the headache started. I'm hoping that is the first and last one of those for this pregnancy. Not fun.

We've been trying to get Jane to at least try to go to sleep by herself this week. In her bed. Tried saying we'll be back to check on you. That equated to a hour 1/2 or so of screaming for two nights. So now we're trying to just lay on the floor in her room. Little more gradual. Semi-successful. It's a process, I'm sure we'll look back at it in a few years when she's in elementary school with girlfriends over for a sleep over and smile. At the's a little touch and go. She's in a big emotional up and down period right now. Gets herself stressed out and worked up and pretty hard to get out of it. I do think we are back to being over 95% potty trained, though. Big girl undies all last week. And I'm trusting her a bit more to tell me when she needs to go. Less screaming by the end of the week, getting more into a routine, I guess. (We try to get her to 'try' frequently hoping that reduces accidents, but sometimes she flips out about not wanting to go.) But no accidents, and we went to a number of public places sans pull-ups. Crossing my fingers all the time!

Looks like winter is here...snowy and cold week ahead.

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