Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slow and steady...

Upstairs project...insulation and knee-wall for the girls' rooms is in.  Mike's working on the desk area, as well.  Little by little, and we'll get there!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Girls spent last night at Gram D's and were fairly tired out when they got home.  Did a little yard work as it's crazy nice outside, and then they watched a movie.  Unfortunately, Penny took a late nap on Mike...oh well, both of them were really tired, apparently.  Had some corned beef and cabbage, and I attempted to make some rainbow cupcakes from Pinterest w/o food coloring.  They were tasty with all the fruit in them, but definitely not that colorful.  Took a couple of cute pics outside after dinner.  Mike's trying to pull up all the bricks and pavers in the front garden, and the girls were running around enjoying the nice evening.  Jane made us a St.Patricks Day chalk picture in the driveway; she was pretty proud to have written everything herself!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Robot Princess Party Party

Jane had a fair amount of disappointment last weekend as Penny got sick on Friday and we had to reschedule Jane's birthday party.  We tried to do a few fun things to distract her (like lunch and movie out with Daddy--which might be a new tradition--Penny is looking forward to 'my birthday I go out with Daddy and Jane stays home with Mommy and gets her hair brushed' Ha.) 

Today, we had her party with some of our friends from our LIFE preschool group and our Woodland Circle group over for cupcakes and birthday fun.  Kids had a blast with the bubblewrap jumping and we built a pretty cool castle.  Mike brought home a ton of cardboard from work.  Happy birthday...can't quite believe my little girl is six.