Monday, June 29, 2009

Milham Park

We got hotdogs at the Rootbeer stand for lunch today and went to Milham park. It was pretty windy and tiny bit chilly, so we just ate in the car. Maybe next time we can have more of a picnic like I remember growing up, they also had the water fenced off, so no duck feeding today either. It was nice to burn some energy off of Jane, though! Did some car seat shopping, and after some icecream at Sonic, I headed home. Ended up hitting the outlet mall on my way back; shopping with a 7 week old is just sooo much more fun than with a 3 year old. I'm sure that Jane much prefered hanging out with Gram Sandee & Grandpa Mike than shopping too!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grandparents are the best.

Homeward bound today. Visiting Mom & Dad and Great Grandparents. Grandparents are something special. Who else lets a 3 year old dress them up in boxes as hats? This was a beautiful afternoon of yummy dinner and kite flying and hanging out. Unfortunately Grandpa Don got hit in the head with a branch on his way home while getting some ice cream. Doing okay, but tough recovery with lots of sitting waiting for him now, and he likes to be active, so it will be a little rough. At least it's summer, no snow and ice to deal with. We're hoping he gets better fast!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strong Baby Girl

Seriously with the neck control--she is soo strong. She's really starting to focus more too, kind of cool to have her really 'looking' at us. Tuned in to voices, definitely hears Jane! She has to sit like this to get her burps out--otherwise she pukes. I think Jane maybe burped 5 times, so it's definitely different with Penelope. I still forget and then realize she's not eating or she's fussing--OHH, probably needs to burp! She's got great ones, too--like she could probably do some beer commercials or something.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We've got full on smiles! Nothing better than first gooey happy smiles. She got her 'first' bottle (we're not counting the couple of formula ones she had at the beginning!) tonight from Mike. She's pretty sure that something is not quite right-hence the furrowed brow. She did drink most of it, though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's summer--like HOT today. Jane did some painting in her swim suit, and we had to strip Penny down to her diaper just to be outside without over heating too much. Makes for sleeeepy baby!

Baby Coos

Just a little bit of Penny 'talking'. She's been making even more adorable noises lately. I love cooing. She's also kicking up a storm and flinging her arms around-doing some baby exercises, I suppose.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Day

I packed a picnic for us to take to Kensington Park today. Mike's been fighting a bit of a cold, so thought it would be nice to lay around on the grass for awhile. Jane fell asleep on the way there, of course (maybe due to her getting up at 5am today??). We found a nice spot under a tree, had our picnic snacks, and Jane and I checked out the playground. Mike and Penny dozed on the blanket. Super nice day, really feels like summer has finally rolled around.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice weather-dunno about global warming, though...

Ummm...getting some pretty darn funny faces out of Penelope all of a sudden. Cracking up at the one! It's just really nice weather lately, but still kind of cool. Especially in our house-we wake up and it's not quite 60 inside, and it's barely been shorts weather. Jane, however, sees sun outside and insists that she should be wearing a tank top. I know in a few weeks we're going to be feeling the heat, though. Can't believe that Penny is almost 1 month old already. She's changing and growing before our eyes. Kind of makes me a little sad. But then she cries and screams for 20 minutes straight and I'm not quite as sad about missing the baby baby stuff. She also UNLOADED on me twice...yum, I forgot about that almost projectile baby vom. She weighs like 10 pounds, but when it comes up, it sure seems like there is a gallon of milk in there somewhere. Ewww.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Low key day

Stayed home today...nice to not have to go anywhere. Penelope has been doing pretty good sleeping in her co-sleeper at night, and she's been sleeping in the playpen in the basement. Doesn't seem to care if Jane is playing or yelling or that I'm doing laundry (with a washing machine that seems to be constantly off balance=loud). Jane would love to hold her all the time-I'm not sure from this expression if Penny's quite as excited about the concept!