Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice weather-dunno about global warming, though...

Ummm...getting some pretty darn funny faces out of Penelope all of a sudden. Cracking up at the one! It's just really nice weather lately, but still kind of cool. Especially in our house-we wake up and it's not quite 60 inside, and it's barely been shorts weather. Jane, however, sees sun outside and insists that she should be wearing a tank top. I know in a few weeks we're going to be feeling the heat, though. Can't believe that Penny is almost 1 month old already. She's changing and growing before our eyes. Kind of makes me a little sad. But then she cries and screams for 20 minutes straight and I'm not quite as sad about missing the baby baby stuff. She also UNLOADED on me twice...yum, I forgot about that almost projectile baby vom. She weighs like 10 pounds, but when it comes up, it sure seems like there is a gallon of milk in there somewhere. Ewww.

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