Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A line changes everything

September 2nd--a few days ago I was convinced there was no way I was pregnant. Yet a few days later...we've got a positive. A very faint positive, but it's kind of an either or question...not possible to be 'kind of' pregnant! Pretty much felt like throwing up all day...and this explains last Friday where I was super dizzy and had room spins that sent me back to hard nights of drinking in college.

I got the cheap Target brand test, which is back to the 2 lines and lots of interpretation like we had with the test for Jane. So we went out and got one of the digital ones...which was an utter disappointment. I stuck it in wrong the first time and it errored out and the second time it was all put together right, but still errored out. I was REALLY looking forward to that pregnant display.

Called immediate family. Dad was at archery, so had to call them later. Jenny was putting Averie to sleep so had to call back. Ron was excited and wanted to know if we'd told Jenny yet. Woke Baird up, not sure if he got it or will think he was dreaming tomorrow. Finally got Mom and Dad. Waited too long and will have to catch Debbie tomorrow.

Oh--did I mention? Jenny is pregnant too--we're due not even a week apart! How crazy fun is that??

The internets calls out my due date as May 6th. So going with that until I get a call into the midwife tomorrow. See what that bring. Had a spot so kind of freaking out that we jumped the gun, but this is amidst more of the throw-up feelings.

Jane was with me when I bought the test; she wanted to hold it which just seemed a little wrong to me for some reason. 'What's that?' How do I say--that represents your tiny little world ending soon... :)

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