Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the road again...

Okay...did another test friday morning. Good to go. Went to Liz's wedding and had a nice evening. Beautiful church and ceremony. Saturday was the start of a long weekend...drove up to Onekama to surprise Grandma Underwood at a Reynolds reunion. Great time, beautiful location and weather. Drive on Saturday went well. Nice dinner out with the whole family. Jane was really good. Pretty tired and a little nauseated Sunday morning. Kind of took it easy. Went to lunch with Mom, Jane was not happy. But she wouldn't nap back at the hotel, so ended up skipping that, played on the beach and went for a speed boat ride with cousins John & Debbie. Jane almost slept once we went fast. Monday Mom & I went down to Manistee and we walked the board walk. Put in almost 3 miles! Wee. Felt a little achy Tuesday morning, but that is probably as much due to the hard bed as the walking. Really tired and pretty nauseated on Tuesday night. Big lunch might not have helped, we stopped for pasties. Scheduled appts, which is good, because even though it's settled that I'm pregnant, now it's kind of that weird period where it doesn't seem too real. Mike mentioned I wasn't supposed to have blue cheese after I was telling him about this awesome salad I had (brought home some of the dressing). Whoops, forgot about that. Pretty much cleared out caffine, and have one 12 pack of dt. rootbeer that I figure I won't buy anymore after that. Interested to see what the midwife's office has on their 'to avoid' list.

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