Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, got a little dusting of snow, which is kind of nice. It was getting a little brown and murky out. Perfect temp for a little snow play; I don't like taking Penny out if it's really really cold. She tolerated it today, hanging out in her little sled, but I don't think she really gets the point of why we're outside. Jane really enjoyed herself today; she was shoveling, pulling Penny around, and trying to throw snowballs at me. Luckily for me, she's not too good at that yet!

Back from workout #2, I think the leg stuff we did is going to hit a little harder than the arms from Monday. I was really sore this morning; I remembered that it often hits on the second day, not the day after. But I am feeling much better with the whole eating thing, which is a relief. I think even not quite as hungry, which might be that I'm just not interested in eating salad! Forcing down plain yogurt for breakfast seems to be a bit easier on me then eggs right off the bat.

Tomorrow is a busy day, dr appt for Penny, ballet, pre-school, then another work out-whew, I'm going to be ready for bed when I get home!

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