Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great day today. We've had such beautiful weather this week, and today was no exception. Just perfect for a parade. Jane has been sooo excited waiting to go to the parade-compounded by the fact that she gets to wear a pretty dress AND gets to wave a flag. Not much more that a three-year-old girl can ask for apparently. We found a decent spot in the shade under a tree, although Mike and Jane ended up out on the edge of the road for a better view. I hung out with Penelope and 'tried' to feed her. Gotta work on the public feeding stuff, just don't have quite enough hands yet, and she's still not always ready to get down to business. Parade was nice this year-even more monster trucks at the end than last year, not sure what's up with that! Nate and Kara showed up just in time to see the trucks. We parked partway down from our house; I'm doing so much better than after having Jane, but just really didn't want to try to do the walk back up that hill to our house. The moby wrap is working well, I carried Penelope the whole time in it, no problems. I asked Jane what her favorite part of the parade was--oh yeah--the CANDY. (She got probably all of 6 pieces-kept running each one back to put in the drink holder of her chair.) Nice lunch out with Nate and Kara after wards. Got some cute pics of Jane and Penelope this afternoon-before too many mosquitos started attacking. Gotta love the family photo--all three of them have Jane with this cranky look sticking out her tongue. She's three, that's for sure!

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