Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whew. What a day. Got up early to get Penelope tested...they had a fire alarm go off just as she was about to get her blood drawn. That added extra time to the whole procedure. Mike dropped Penny and I off at Meijers and took Jane to the playground; he got back in time to do the checking out for me. We were all tired when we got back--well, three of us were...the 3 year old insisted that she was not tired and never ended up sleeping today.

Nice and warm day-80 something, so let Jane play with the hose this afternoon. Ummm, I guess she's ready to go camping, both Mike and I had run inside for a minute...we come out and she's created a potty!!! What can we do but laugh and get the camera??

Finally got Penelope's results tonight--her levels are down, we can send the light back! Yah. Glad to be done with all that stress, glad to be done getting her poked. Just will check in to get her weighed next week, which will ease my mind that everything is going the way it should be. She's so much different than Jane was...we thought Jane was a good baby, but Penny has been really really low key. She settles herself and really hasn't been much of a crier. At least so far. She kind of is amazing me with how strong she is...two weeks old tomorrow and she's trying to lift her head--actually this afternoon she was trying to push up off my chest. This is one of her favorite positions right now-to rest her head on my chest--sooo sweet, I love it.

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