Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay...guess we made it through the holidays...and most of January already!

Girls started gymnastics last week, which seems to be going great. Jane is in the 5/6 yr old class which she does independently. Penny is doing the parent/tot section, so one of us goes to help her. She pretty much just wants to climb the ladder, 'cause she's a monkey!

The girls either get along so incredibly sweetly (as this pic of Jane reading to Penny shows) or they are FIGHTING like cats and dogs. Penny has gotten a real stubborn and independent streak lately. She wants what she wants....and Jane is already that way, so it's interesting. And loud...very high pitched loud. Penny's favorite thing to do in the whole wide world right now is to scream. When she's happy, when she's mad, when she wants something, etc. Awesome. She also really wants to do everything big sis is doing; including sitting at the table and drinking from real cups. I love the highchair, and I do not want to see it go!

I'm staying on the Scraptales design team, making some little projects and scrapbook pages, which is very fun.

Someday we'll get time to work on the house. We've had colds and little bugs off and on seemingly every other week.

Doing some research on some future projects, and maybe a garden.

And--we're super excited that we'll be having a new niece or nephew this July-Amy is pregnant!

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