Monday, February 27, 2012

Volt ride and Jane is Six

Mike has a Volt for the week.  We took it out to dinner tonight, and it seems really cool.  Jane is six!  She had a pretty eventful day, presents before breakfast this morning, flowers delivered from Grandma Sandee and Grandpa Mike.  Lunch out with Grandma Debbie and Dave. Birthday card from Uncle Baird and Aunt Amy for a build-a-bear outfit showed up today as well.  She picked the sushi place for dinner, and they sang to her and she got ice cream with a candle.  I love that our kid picks a sushi place as her favorite restaurant! I think she's almost getting more adventurous than I am as far as trying different sushi, but she doesn't like the spicy ones. She also got a helium balloon from the dollar store afterwards (as that was the concession for not going to Red Robin as we have in past years--'I like the balloons better than the food'. Ha.)

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