Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Hair

Jane has been dying for a haircut for about forever now.  I've been getting so stressed with all the screaming that hair brushing brings on, that it was definitely time.  Jane has also been hinting that she wanted substantially shorter hair.  I do love long hair on little girls...but I've also been trying to take the stance that to a degree, it's her body.  Same reason I tell her that I didn't pierce her ears as a baby--it's not my decision to put permanent holes in her, she gets to make that choice.  She has, of course, told me that 'hair grows back, ya know'.  Anyway, we got to the salon and she kept pointing higher and higher til our awesome stylist said, ummm, we're just going to donate it, okay??  I took a deep breath and said fine.

 So, it's pretty short and she's flipping ecstatic. She's so incredibly happy about it, that I don't think I'm even that sad.  Except for the part where my little six year old looks like she's 10 all of a sudden!

Penny also got her first haircut.  She's got these crazy wavy curls that have been a bit of a pain.  Luckily, they don't appear to be just baby hair; even though she cut off almost 2 inches, it's still quite curly, whew.  She did great, and was happy she got a haircut after watching her big sis.

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