Saturday, December 20, 2008


Finally starting to get more frequent baby movements. Had some here and there more towards the beginning of the month, but then wasn't noticing as much. Which is kind of freaky, since once I feel something, I want to feel it all the time because it's reassuring! But had quite a bit this morning, and more repetitive, which is kind of new too. Mostly I've had a little wiggle here and there and not much repeating at the same time, but getting more frequent--hence getting bigger probably! I'm pretty excited to have Jane be able to feel the baby move, but probably will be at least a few more weeks before it's strong enough for her to really feel.

We got a TON of snow on friday--like probably around 10" at least. Most I've seen in quite awhile. Mike spent the day trying to get his car out...once you slide off our driveway, it's all over. Slinky came to help pull him out, and we've got his car and my truck down up past the incline in the driveway, so hopefully we can get out tomorrow. Supposed to get a little more snow over the next few days. Weee. Few more things to pick up for Christmas, but doing pretty good. It's going to be a crazy week...we head for K'zoo on the 23rd as soon as Mike is home from work. Spend the night and have Christmas with my fam on the 24th, then head home that afternoon/early evening and finish up last minute details here. Our fam christmas on the morning of the 25th, then off to P.H. for Christmas dinner with Mike's side. Spend the night with Jenny & Brian, and head home sometime the 26th. Then we'll go to Debbie's on the 27th for the rest of Mike's side. Whew. Then we will stay home for a week and sleep...haha. Should be fun, I think Jane will have a blast this year, assuming she can make it through all the travel and excitement without shutting down.

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