Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Appointment morning...started off with visit to one of the o.b.'s at my midwife's practice. I need to meet both of the drs in case they are on call. Pretty quick and routine visit, and I'm sure she'll be fine if she's the one who delivers our baby, but I'm definitely glad I'm seeing my midwife instead. Just way more personable and spends a lot more time. Anyway, heartbeat sounded good and everything looks to be fairly on track for the due date. Off from that to our 21 week ultrasound...waiting room was packed, but we didn't have to wait too long. (Which was good b/c Jane should have stayed home in bed--cranky, whiney, cried off on on the whole ride down to yipsi, not friendly in the office, ugh.)

Anyway, ultrasound went good, got to see the baby moving around a bit, she seemed to think everything looked good. Had to roll on my side so she could get all the chambers of the heart because baby wouldn't move, but everything looks good so far. She had us close our eyes when she checked out the kidneys we will find out the sex in May! We didn't close our eyes with Jane, she just moved fast, so it was kind of funny to know that we could've peeked.

Here's a few poses--starting from the top left moving to the right-the spine, head and spine, baby's head and arm, baby's head and knee.

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