Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storytime Valentines

We had our valentines celebration during storytime at Cromaine today. Jane was super excited as most of the kids were. Amazing-we got most of them to sit and look in the same general direction for a group photo...even with the huge temptation of their filled bags!

Too much excitement last week-Mike was in Mexico and a water pipe on the baseboard heat broke upstairs...poured into the kitchen. Dealt with getting that cleaned up and insurance, etc. Big step back as half the kitchen ceiling is back to studs, but hoping to get that fixed soon.

Coming out of colds here-at least Mike and Jane seem to be doing better. Crossing my fingers that I've avoided this one. Off to Port Huron this weekend.

Had a nice break in the winter weather, but I think it kind of makes it that much more depressing that we've still got weeks and weeks of cold to get through before it's gone for good. It was really nice to get outdoors without having to spend 15 minutes bundling up first.

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