Thursday, February 26, 2009


Baby is definitely growing. Been trying to push/eat/elbow it's way out my side, and just got some big bumps and thumps. Jane is pretty enamored of the baby concept, says she loves the baby and that she's going to tickle it and make it giggle. Starting to pick up books at the library about getting a new baby, she loves the one we got yesterday.

Got my new camera yesterday (my b-day gift), hoping to play with it a little more today, but did really good in our living room last night, which is not a good location for light, especially in the evening.

40 degrees. Feels like a summer day, well, at least it's a wonderful break from the really cold weather we've been having. Nice to start having these warm ups, feels like spring might come yet. Going to drop again, but I'll take this for now. Jane will be 3 tomorrow--crazy!

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