Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun with Gram...

Nice day with Gram Nomi. I brought some blueberry coffeecake that I added a little zucchini to; I'll be making this recipe again, it was yummy. Penny likes all Grandma's little mugs. Hung out for awhile that morning, and I even got Penny down for a nap, which I was not expecting. Jane had a few meltdowns while we were out; I can't wait for this stage to be over! Did a few errands, and had a little time to kill before it was really dinner time. We ended up going to downtown K'zoo and the girls ran around in the center square for awhile. Cute and fun, and Jane made a couple of friends with a group of sisters that were there playing as well. Pointed out the Methodist Church where Mike and I got married to Jane. Chinese for dinner, super good; Jane played 'fancy' with her tea. Good thing Gram got some sweet & sour chicken, 'cause my orange chicken was really good--but way spicey for the girls. Managed to get back to Grandma's to drop her off before the kids were asleep. Fairly and quiet nice drive home.

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