Sunday, September 19, 2010


Headed to K'zoo for an evening to hang with Grandparents. Mom & Dad are out of town for awhile helping Baird move from Phoenix to Albuquerque. Snached up Gram Nomi and met up with G&G Carlson and Debbie for brunch. Jane had pumpkin pancakes...I'll have to try making these at home! We checked out G&G's new condo. Looks like lots of space, and the girls and I love how close the Kal-Haven trail is...just past their backyard. I wish I had a trail out my backyard! Aunt Arlene and Uncle Loren live just a couple of condos away, so got to see them real quick, and nice that G&G will have them close by. We ran a couple of errands after that, and then got some pizza and headed back to Gram Nomi's house. Jane watched an old Cinderella movie with Ginger Rodgers; lots of people breaking into song randomly. She loved it. Girls did okay for the evening, took awhile to get everyone to sleep, but that is kind of expected.

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