Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beans--it's what's for dessert!

I'm constantly searching for healthy recipes; while looking for some cake recipes for Penny's birthday, I came across this site: Cake with a secret. I thought that it looked fantastic; I had tried some black bean brownies from one of my Challenge meet & eats that were pretty good. I did a regular powdered sugar butter creme frosting, but I'm going on the 'every little bit helps' philosophy. Chocolate sugar cookies on top. It turned out pretty good; I don't think you'd know it was made out of beans, that's for sure! I did add some ground flax seed, and I might not bake it for quite so long next time. Pretty good, although as Mike said, "you can cover just about anything in chocolate frosting and it's going to taste good." Hmmmm, can't argue with that. I know I'm creative, but frosting and I usually do not get along. My cakes...don't usually look very good *(see Penny's cake). But I discovered royal icing (my new bff) for the cookies, and I'm quite happy with how cute the big cake turned out, and they made an awesome holder for Penny's candle. I'll be decorating with cookies again...why ever not?!

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