Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Prepping for Memorial Day...spent the day trying to get some cleaning done while Mike ran to the store with the girls. Tang even got a bath today, now he's all fluffy. When I was done with Tang, I looked at Zeke, and he looked at me, and we both agreed that it wasn't worth getting bit. His hair is shorter anyway and not as full of a winter's worth of woodstove dust. Right. Sounded like a good excuse, but I've got a little scar on my wrist to remind me of the last attempt.

Mike is going to mow the lawn using the push mower tomorrow as the tractor is still being worked on. The girls and I are off to try some hiking at Howell Nature Center with Gram D & Dave; should be fun, and we figure the house can't get dirtier if we're not here. That's our new cleaning philosophy: clean and then LEAVE.

Really hoping that it doesn't rain on Monday.

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