Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After reading Freeplaylife, I've decided to participating in her 52 weeks of self-portraits challenge...took my first one today.  Kind of weird, but really, how cool to make an effort to include myself in photos.  I've often thought about how much time I spend with the kids...and how infrequently I am recorded in photos of them growing up.  It will be good for me to make an effort to take more photos (or ask someone else to!) of me...even if they're not the most flattering or perfect shots, they're just life.  I'll probably look back some day at these days of early young childhood and want to remember how I was as well as how the girls were.  It will be good for the girls to be able to have photos of me with them and in our day to day life as well.  It's a challenge, but a good one.  Posting on flicker.

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R said...

This is a really cool idea.... I find my self bummed that there are so few photos of me and a zillion of the children.