Saturday, January 28, 2012

Build-A-Bear Evening

More from our Build A Bear evening. Penny was climbing the store, of course. Both girls got to stuff their bears. Jane loved doing the heart thing, and  you can see that she is making a wonderful wish before placing it inside the bear. Penny really liked the stuffing machine and kept going back to stare at it.  Jane got a magic noise, and Penny got a heartbeat placed inside.  The bathing area was also a hit, although Jane now thinks she needs a hairdryer for her bear! Jane looked at a number of different outfits for her bear, Daddy spied one up high that she ended up picking.  Super bright (to match the bear) with detachable fairy wings...that light up.  Full on awesomeness right there. Penny was a little overwhelmed at that point (there was a slumber party of older girls there and a good amount of people in general in the store).  It took awhile to figure out an outfit for the penguin, but she finally liked the pink dress.  She also got a fishing pole with some fish for hers and Jane got a pair of aviator sunglasses for hers.  Jane liked the shoes, but Mike and I both struggled to get them on the bear's feet (this style had big feet?), so we went with a different accessory.  It was a fun experience for the kids, and Jane is now looking forward to making or getting more clothes for her bear.  We found matching Minnie Mouse sister sized chairs on our way out of Sears for a little break--seriously cute...and two seriously tired little girls!  Thanks Uncle Baird, Aunt Amy, and Gram Sandee + Gramp Mike!

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