Friday, January 27, 2012


We welcomed Penguin the penguin and Rosepetal the bear into our home after their creation last night.  Uncle Baird and Aunt Amy gave the girls gift certs for bears for Christmas, and Grandpa Mike & Grandma Sandee gave them some money for outfits. We drove down to Novi and had some Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and then headed over to the mall to make some animals.  Friday night was busier than I expected, but the girls had a great time playing with the animals and picking out their favorites.  Jane debated a bit between a couple of different color bears, and finally landed on the most colorful one she could find.  She is not exhibiting signs of her parents' interest in minimalist designs!  Penny pretty much saw the penguin and was done looking.  We did watch Happy Feet a week or so ago, but I think she also liked how big it was!  We also didn't realize that her bow lights up til we go home, so bonus! 

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