Monday, October 13, 2008


So productive today, weee. Decided that the yellow really needed covered up in the kitchen to give the new orange wall a fair shot. We're still not sure about it--is it nice and modern? Or is it day-glo orange? Lots of painting and cleaning today. Nice to feel a little better. Jane is Daddy's girl right now. Pretty much all I hear is 'I want Daddy' and that pretty much goes on all day long. It's a good thing, but when it starts at 8am... 4:30 can't come soon enough for either of us!

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southernbellescrapper said...

Love the modern touches gf! My husband would be in heaven. He is very modern, but I am really traditional. So we don't mesh too well on home decor. So usually he just gives in to me. Hee hee. But I love the orange. It's vibrant and I bet something to perk you up on those sluggish mornings! :)