Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kitten Love

Had a nice weekend, and then went to Kalamazoo so that Mom could work on Jane's Halloween costume. Jane spent most of Monday with Grandpa Mike-got some new boots that she loves to wear out to the barn (and to dance class today). And she fell in love with the kittens. This one is Jet, who is about the friendliest barn cat ever. And the most patient cat I've ever seen, he let her haul him all over! Just flopped over an arm or hanging halfway on. Pretty cute stuff. Monday was good to hang out with Mom. Tuesday blew. Baird made a huge egg breakfast and even some plain eggs for me and I barely could eat anything. Rest of the day was like that-tired, nauseated, kind of bloated feeling--or maybe just really starting to feel like I've got a pregnant tummy. Just rested for most of today.

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southernbellescrapper said...

Oh, she is so cute in her boots!!! Love the pic Jess! Can't wait to see it scrapped! Hope you are well!