Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Day

Okay, today was a good day. Finally! Yesterday I about lost it--more spotting in the morning. I am SOOOO done with the spotting. I know we just had a really good check up and ultrasound, but to have it start again was about my last straw. So, more PBS for Jane and more resting for me. Just don't know what else to do when that happens, and it's just soo stressful. Anyway, it did stop, and nothing today. More energy and much more positive outlook on life. Got new cell phones last night, so playing around with that today and Jane had ballet this morning as well. And it's cold out. Brrr. Supposed to be worse tonight. Just really not looking forward to the winter stuff!


Anonymous said...

I got to hangout w/Jane for the Yipsi appt. We watched Stuart Little for the unpthenth time. Then we played with the doll house at g-mas's house.......momma/daddy/brother/!

Kirstin said...

Hey Jess - finally got back in touch with Mike today and got a mini-update and your link. Jane is adorable! Keep resting and taking care of yourself - and don't feel guilty about it! I'm sure everything will be fine and I'll be praying for all of you.