Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Day

The girls and I took Mike to French Laundry for breakfast, he got a crazy steak hollandaise special they were running for the holiday. Pretty yummy. Jane wanted all of his steak. He's rapidly reaching the point where we're going to have to start ordering two of the things he likes--Jane usually wants his smoked salmon when he gets lox, and definitely likes steak....when Penny gets a little bigger, there might not be enough to share!

Buzzed down to Kensington afterwards for a little relaxation and sun. Slightly more annoying crowd this year (we had to pick up and move our blanket away from cig smoke and hooka smoke like 3 times). It's kind of like-dude, it's a big park, and we really don't want to sit here and breathe that crap you really have to sit right next to us (and our small children)? Girls had fun in the water for a few minutes, and we had some nice snacks. Came home and tried to have naps, didn't last very long. Made some steaks for dinner...yes, Mike got steak twice today, and I made some lemon meringue pie...mile-high. I had a bunch of egg whites in the fridge left over from making ice-cream...I think there is much more meringue than pie filling!

Off to pack and clean for our girl's trip to the thumb!

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