Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're off!

8 am and we're heading for the thumb...missed the Tim Hortons exit outside of Flint b/c Mom & I were blabbing. On to Starbucks-did you know they make some really tasty egg breakfast wraps? Yum. Made it up there by 11, drove past our cabin at Tranquil Sands since we couldn't get in til noon. Had an okay lunch after driving around the block in Port Austin like 10 times. Jane had a little meltdown before lunch, but she was soooo awesome in the car; sat quietly with Grandma Nomi while Penny slept. Super sweet.

Checked in to our way cool cabin; Jane was so excited to see the little circle staircase and the twin bed in the loft area. Grandma Sandee will sleep up there, and Grandma Nomi and I (+ Penny) each have our own bedroom downstairs. Very pretty area, great view of the lake. Weird toliet-with one of those up on the wall tanks....which I broke the chain on the first use. Awesome-o.

Unpacked and then it was way naptime for Penny. And me. :) Jane had some quiet time with the Grams. We headed down to the beach around 4; I wasn't expecting much, but it was so nice. The water was actually really quite warm, and it's shallow for an incredibly long way. I tried taking Jane out with her life jacket on, but Miss Penelope was NOT excited about that. She played nice with Gram S for a minute, but then started screaming. I came back and got her and the four of us went walking out into the lake. I found a small sandy path (less rocky) for Mom to follow (her sandals were gettting too many rocks into them). There are some very neat rock piles in the water that you can stand on. Jane was 'swimming' all over; she's much more confident than last year. We played in the sand for awhile after that, then realized it was dinner time. Quick rinse off and we drove to Caseville for dinner. We ended up at an awesome Italian place; Mom and I split some super yummy lasagna. Thought we'd pick up a few things at the grocery store for tomorrow.

Oh yeah. We're in a crazy small town. Where the only grocery store closes at 8 p.m. It's now 8:11 and it's all shut down.

Weather was looking iffy, so I figured if we were going to do marshmallows it needed to be tonight. Matches....hmmm. I found a set of book matches in a cupboard--all three of them. I hate book matches. I'm always afraid I'm going to burn my fingers. So, Mom and I agree that I can attempt to light the fire, but I sneak out so that Jane doesn't get disappointed if I can't get it to go. Bend down...first match. Sh**t they freak me out--I toss it as soon as it lights because I'm a silly girl. Ooookey, 1 down only 2 left, one 4 year-old inside who has been talking about campfires and marshmallows for weeks...no pressure. I get some paper towel and stuff under the wood...it lights...and stays lit. Whew. (Yeah, obviously I won't be winning any Survivor type shows). We have marshmallows and they are yummy. Even without the s'more's fixin's. Jane loves them, Penny has a bite and wanted more. We watch the sunset over the lake. Pretty perfect end to a very long day. Wait--it's what time? It's almost 10 p.m.? Crap. Get the girls in bed already!

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