Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flower Girls

Wanted to get a photo of the girls with our poppies... and I know they often don't make it through rain storms. We're supposed to get a thunderstorm later today or tonight, and we had a brief bit of sun this morning. Put on some dresses and went outside. Kind of considering this other one of Penelope a good 1 year photo; never got over to Portrait Innovations or anything, but I do take a ton of photos of the girls...Penny was too weirded out with all the plants that are 3x bigger than her, so she refused to try to stand on her own. Grabbed a chair and she and Jane are both looking at the camera. I'll take it.

Busy summer weekends ahead. Off to sign-up for Cromaine's summer reading program, and then we're going to Holly's open house.

Hugs from Penny incredibly sweet.

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