Saturday, June 19, 2010

Help, she's a girly girl!

Jane, of course, was up all last night. No nap, even driving home after all that. It was hot last night, but seriously that kid does not need sleep! We went to the MI State archery championships to watch Lori shoot for awhile. She was great and wanted to stay much longer than I expected. I'd usually expect that she'd be cranky and tired today, but she was an angel angel that conned me into ridiculous sparkly sandals. Sandals with a little platform heel that I think are completely and totally inappropriate on a 4 year old. Sandals she's going to want to wear everywhere, and that I'm probably going to regret because I'll constantly be saying, "not the fancy shoes, just your flipflops".

'Momma, I LOVE these. I love them. I love them...." as she prances (literally) around Payless.

Fine--call Daddy (ambush) and ask him--"Daddy, i love these shoes, Momma says no, but can I have them? They're $9 and they're sparkly and I love them? Her eyes get HUGE--yes???? Daddy says yes, Daddy says I can have them!!! In the car, "momma, I love you. Do you know why I love these shoes? (points to the big sparkly gem). Thank you soo much. I love these shoes." She was working it pretty hard today.

Whew, what to do with the girly-girl!

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