Friday, June 18, 2010

Funday Friday!

Thought I'd try to start a 'fun day friday' and do something more exciting than meijers or the library with the girls. Don't know if it will last as we've got some busy weeks ahead with family get togethers and trips, but it's a good concept, I think.

Today, we went to Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake, because I knew they had a splash/spray area. We had gone to one at a different park a few years ago with Gram D, and it was super fun. I thought the girls would enjoy it, and with the temps in the high 80's water is always good.

What a great park! There is an underwater tunnel/room under a pond; lots of fishies came to visit us. We tried to go for a hike; not quite as long as I was intending, but the signs warning us to stay on the path because it's an area that has quite a few of Michigan's only poisonous rattlesnakes kind of cut short our comfort level. Jane was holding my hand pretty tightly. I tried to tell her that we probably would never see one (please please please, I do NOT want to see a rattlesnake with my 4 year old walking and my 1 year old in the backpack!), but she was a little freaked. We did make it down to a cool sundial feature-you stand in the middle and are the sundial. It was overcast and didn't make a huge shadow, but she kind of got the concept. There was also a little pond with a small dock to walk out on; we saw a ton of tadpoles and one big frog.

Play areas galore; whole wooden structure that we didn't visit, a rope climbing contraption, a maze, and a rock wall that we didn't get to. Did play in the very cute smaller play area and had our little lunch. Then we went over to the splash area. Jane was running all over, and I helped Penny walk around the edges. She was trying to go into the water sprays, and Jane helped her some too. Little chilly with the wind and it being overcast, but then the sun really came out and it started getting pretty hot. We left so Penny could get in at least one nap for the day, but there are so many other things we want to go back and check out. There's a nature center too, as well as a ton of trails for walking and biking.

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