Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Relax and play...

A whole day to just play and hang out together. How wonderful. We started with a little walk on the beach. It was kind of windy and a little overcast, but still very beautiful. Grandma and Jane followed us for a little while, and then turned back to search for shells and rocks closer to the beach by our cabin. Mom and I went down to a little point; I love rocks. There was a path of big rocks leading out into the lake. How pretty under a little water. I was carrying Penny in the backpak, or I would have explored even further out. It was COLD water today, though! Penny fell asleep on the way back. I took Jane up to put on her swimsuit and she wanted her fishing pole as well. She had fun practicing with that, and once Penny woke up they both played in the sand.

Beautiful morning. Oh yeah, except for the moment when Jane went running up the lawn. Mom looks up and says, "Why is your daughter taking off her swimsuit?" I'm like, "JANE, put your suit back on!" And then, she's pissing like a boy on the grass. Super sweet. Luckily, we were the only guests. I guess she was at least attempting to get back to the cottage; I think I'd rather she peed in the lake, but I can't really tell her that, right?!

Little freak-out at nap time; I think Jane was a little homesick, and probably over tired from last night being so late. She finally fell asleep, and we had to wake her up to go to dinner.

We went back into Caseville for dinner, and we split two perch dinners. My girls love fish! It was great, and a wonderful last dinner for our little vacation. Topped it off with some ice cream, and Jane played for a few minutes at a playground. Did you know that seaguls really like ice cream? This guy was like defending the bowl from the rest of them. It was supposed to storm all afternoon, but we didn't see rain. The sky got really dark after our icecream, so we headed home. Thought we'd try for a little earlier bedtime; Jane was up late, probably because of her long nap. I can't win! Finally got everyone settled in for the evening.

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