Sunday, August 8, 2010

15 months...

Wow, Penelope is 15 months all of a sudden. Now that she's started walking, she's not stopping! We had a nice laid back day at Mom's house (including a 2 hour+ nap for Penny and I), and then we headed for town. Do you try to surprise your 4 year olds? I love surprises myself, and I always want to do that for my kiddos, but it's so hard with Jane sometimes. She just wants to know what is going on. It was a less than fun drive to the mall, but once we pulled in, she remembered the carousel and was super excited. They were on a break, so we wandered around and came back to it. Mom and I rode so we could be by the girls, and Gram Nomi took some pics. Penny wasn't too sure about the whole thing (usually big sis is sitting behind her on the meijer penny horse, and this was waaay more exciting). Nice Mexican dinner, and we hit the road. Well...after getting gas and some drinks and a stop to feed Penny. Then we hit the road. But Penny crashed after that, and Jane was asleep by 69. I love sleepy kid drives. Roof looks very cool, and they trimmed a bunch of branches away from the house as well. I'm excited for when the whole project is done, even though that is a ways away.

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