Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lake Huron: Day 2

Utter craziness. We were up early and over to the cottage so make some quiche for the hordes. Turned out pretty good. I wanted to run out and have some coffee with Gwyn, but it's amazing how long it takes to sunscreen girls and try to put babies to sleep, and then Jane got a piece of glass in her foot. Whew. I really needed caffeine at that point! Then I just probably scared poor Gwyn with how stressful young children are! Mike was toasted by the time I got back from dealing with both girls. It was kind of a long afternoon, Jane was waiting ever so impatiently for Averie to get back, and Penny was a little too hot and it took forever to get her to nap. Jen made some great lasagna, and we tried to stick it out for a campfire since we'd promised Jane that Sunday was 'THE' night for it. We had a few marshmallows, and we even let her hold the stick with Mike helping. Penny would NOT go to sleep, so we finally called it and headed back to Jen's to fall into bed. This is a vacation, this is a vacation, this is a vacation. I'm going to keep repeating that until we believe it.

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