Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lake Huron: Day 1

Off to Lake Huron...first stop French Laundry for yummy breakfast...then the hike to P.H. It was beautiful at the lake. Jane and I spent some time searching for sea glass, and we found a good handful. She was pretty excited, and it was nice to have some time to just walk by the water. This year is a bit more comfortable for me with her; I'm not quite as freaked that she's going to randomly run pell-mel into the water. Or fall into it.

We got a family picture of sorts. Jane is kind of anti-camera at the moment. It's super fun trying to get her to look at the camera, much less smile. I haven't quite managed to communicate the concept of fake smiling so it will just be over all ready! Jane got some 'Averie' time, she's been dying to spend some time with her cousin. We went for a little walk on the beach before dinner, but both the girls were chilly with the wind. It is cute to watch them together, though.

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