Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy busy...

We're busy today. Jane had a DDS appt. She did awesome as usual...talking to adults nicely, and listening great to the directions for her appt. She even got some flouride. Penny actually sat nicely on my lap for most of the appt as well, which was good. Ran to Walmart for a few groceries...I am now driving a semi-truck of a grocery cart! We moved Penny out of the infant carseat last weekend, so now she HAS to sit in the cart. She's a monkey and often tries to climb out of the seat, and she's figured out how to undo the velcro on the seat cover I have...but Walmart had a HUGE cart with over the shoulder buckles and a seat for both girls. Holy heck it's huge, but both kids were pretty happy. Jane is doing a few weeks of a dual gymnastics/dance class, and it started this afternoon. She had a blast and made a few friends (hugged the one girl like 4 times on the way out). I think the best was when the dance teacher was going around asking the girls for their names...and Jane responds 'cinderella'. The teacher is like....'ella'? No, Cinderella...oooh, then the teacher understands. So, they've come to an agreement that Jane will be Jane in gymnastics and Cinderella in dance class. Too funny. Working on listening skills in the gymnastics class...which I LOVE. Yummy lentil and bacon stuffed trout for dinner. Mmmm.

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Debbie said...

Your posts are awesome. Love to keep up with the fam with your stories and pics!

Gramm D.