Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to the west-side...

Road trip…what? Number 3? We’re off to Allegan to visit G&G Carlson at the lake. The cottage is up for sale, so never know how many more of these visits we’ll get! We had a fairly good trip in, only a few stops. I spent the last 30 minutes or so in back with the girls once Penny woke up, but no major flip-outs. John, Colleen, Angela, Brian, and Collin were able to join us. Fun having the kids together. Collin is a little cutie-pie; I don’t think Jane realized he’s only a little bit older than Penny. She kept trying to get him to come play with her; I think the funniest request was that he come play Monopoly! They finally did some bubbles, which was good for all the kids. Jane was super excited to do some fishing with Grandma Sandee. She and Chole really had a good time together; Chole is a great fishergirl too! Jane caught a few really small fish; it's way cute how excited she would get. We had a nice lunch of grilled chicken tacos, and then Jane and I went out swimming for awhile while Mike tried to get Penny down for a nap. Water was nice out by the raft once we got past the weeds. Ick. I thought Jane was done with her cold, but she’s got a nasty looking crusty nose now. Ugh. Hopefully all the fresh air will help clear it out. If I could just convince her that water is not poison, maybe I could get her hydrated as well. We headed back to Mom & Dad’s house for the night. Us girls all conked out in the truck. J They’ve got a great garden growing; corn is getting tall, and lots of other fun veggies poking up here and there. By the time we got the girls settled, we pretty much ended up going to bed. Long day!

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