Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We started early…Jane was up by 6:30. We decided to go out for breakfast and had Ron come get Averie. Who knew…a lot of restaurants aren’t open on the 4th. We landed at Denny’s, which was not awesome, but Jane and Averie enjoyed their hot chocolate. Back to Jenny’s for some crazy running around and re-packing, and then we went to Uncle Johns. We pretty much spent the entire afternoon in the pool, which was great. It’s turning into a hot summer! Jane has been doing really good in her lifejacket, and she had a blast playing with all the cousins. We finally headed for home, both girls sleeping. Until we were almost to Flint, Penny woke up, then Jane woke up; we stopped to feed Penny, Jane had a little flip-out, and we finally re-loaded. Penny was NOT happy about being back in her seat. She got really really upset coming down 23, and I had to crawl back there…and watch her throw-up. Yum. Poor baby. I think she got kind of hot, her car seat faces backwards, and she was just not getting enough air. It’s hard, but when we’re only 10 minutes from home, doesn’t make much sense to stop and take her out and then load her back (into her vomit covered seat at that point). Super fun times.

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